Saturday, March 15, 2014

Chinese Fishing Boat Illegally Fishing Waters of Taiwan Abducts Five Taiwan Coast Guardsmen


Taiwan's Coast Guard boarded a Chinese commercial fishing boat illegally fishing in Taiwan's waters yesterday. A boarding team of five Coast Guardsmen went aboard the vessel ( apparently unarmed) and the boat promptly throttled up and departed the area with the Coast Guard vessel in hot pursuit. According to our sources the five Coast Guard boarding team members were from the Keelung division of the Taiwan's Coast Guard and boarded the fishing boat at roughly 2 P.M. local time. Once the abducting vessel took off the chase eventually involving three Coast Guard vessels occurred over a distance of approximately 40 miles , and the coast guard boarding team was not recovered and the fishermen arrested until nearly 7 P.M. local time. The fishing boat was involuntarily returned to Taiwan, where the fishermen will face criminal charges. With the Dragon's government telling their fishermen that China owns the entire South and East China Seas such instances are only going to increase. The uncontrolled and escalating nature of these territorial disputes are driving fear of war. 

 Of course the recent disclosure that China has a war plan against the United States and allies in the region and exercises it doesn't help. The net result is that the United States and her allies are developing their own war plan against China. There is considerable discussion of both plans in the open non classified naval periodicals that we follow. Apparently China keeps thinking in terms of a lightening quick "blitzkrieg" type attack against Japan and any U.S. forces in the area, taking such islands as they want over night. Why they think the U.S. and her allies would not respond after such an attack even if there is massive immediate  battle damage to Japanese and U.S. forces in the local area is beyond our imagination. What can be determined of the U.S. response is that it will not be focused on whatever objective China takes immediately but on the total rapid deconstruction of China's economy, with the goal of encouraging internal rebel movements, and social unrest in China. What is visible of the evolving U.S. plan is a Sun Tzu like response to a Chinese plan that  is right out of Alfred Thayer Mahan's play book. The U.S. plan hits China right where they have no real defense, spares the population and mainland from direct military attack, and ultimately results in the Chinese population hanging the Communists from lamp posts. In terms of strategy this is really the world turned upside down. One can't really conclude that China is run by crazy people from all this but it is clear that they aren't as familiar with naval strategy or tactics as they think. Over confidence, or fear of their own population, or both is driving China to the unthinking brink of a tragic end. 

Story from AAIS sources


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