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A SECOND CHRISTIAN NECK IS IN THE NOOSE. READ PARAGRAPH 5 of the reprinted letter below. This young man will not receive the attention that Miriam has (so far with no result), has none of the press attention, and will probably be hanged quietly and quickly in violation of not only every principal of human rights but the specific Prohibition of the Constitution of the Sudan cited in this letter. He has no American connection. Every Christian in Sudan is in peril from these barbarians in judges robes. The rest of the government of Sudan seems afraid to enforce their own constitution against these murderous thugs. 

12/18/2014 Editorial Note: We are sorry to report that after Mariam Yahya was finally released to Italian diplomats nothing more has been heard of this second known case. We have been unable to find any media coverage of this second Christian slated for hanging in the Sudan and fear that absent the global media coverage that saved Miriam from the noose this judicial murder may have been carried out. Unfortunately we also don't know just how many of these judicial murders are in the planning pipeline. The Sudanese Muslims apparently plan to rid their nation of Christians by the simple expedient of hanging them. The U.S. State Department could care less as relations with the Sudan continue as though normal. 

Internal Province of the Episcopal Church of Sudan

Press Statement

Re: Mariam Yahya Ibrahim and Death Sentence by Court in Sudan

On Thursday 15th. May 2014 in Haj-Yousif Court, Mariam Yahya was sentenced to death and 100 lashes for changing from being Muslim to Christian and for committing adultery because she is married to a Christian man.

 Mariam Yahya Ibrahim Ishag was born from a Christian mother (Ethiopian Orthodox) and a Muslim father. Her father left them when she was age 6, and she was raised by her mother as a Christian. Mariam is married to a Sudanes / American Christian husband. Mariam was sentenced to death for converting to Christianity simply because her father was a Muslim. The fact is that Mariam has been a Christian since as she was brought up by her mother who has been a Christian. According to the report, Mariam, the husband and their son were all arrested because they had changed their religion, but then, the husband was released, Mariam is sentenced to death and 100 lashes for her adultery because she accepted to marry a Christian man. Their marriage is revoked. Now, Mariam and her son are in prison pending until she gives birth then she will be executed.

1. According to the above, Mariam has never been a Muslim since her birth. The fact that she was born from a Muslim father, this does not make her a Muslim in any way because she was brought up by her mother as a Christian.

2. The verdict reached by the court on Mariam is a clear and direct persecution on Christians and the Church in the Sudan.

3. The verdict on Mariam Yahya is a Human Right and Religious violation against Christians in the Sudan

4. This sentence is even against Sudan Constitution 2005 Article 38 on Freedom of Creed and Worship. "Every person shall have the right to the freedom of religious creed and worship, and to declare his/her religion or creed and manifest the same, by way of worship, education, practice or performance, subject to requirements of the law and public order, no person shall be coerced to adopt such faith, that he/she does
not voluntarily consent”.

5. There is again another court case going on right now in Kalakla, Khartoum of a young man who has been accused of being converting from Muslim to Christian according the Almeghar News Paper of today 21st  May 2014. This young man may face the same fate 
as Mariam did. 

Episcopal Church of Sudan Internal Province hereby condemns this court decision and requests the Ministry of Justice to review the case of MariamYahya and release her immediately. She is free to believe in religion of her choice. Episcopal Church of Sudan also requests the authorities in Kalakla free the young man. The last judgment on the faith should be left to God alone. The spirit of dialogue, coexistence and love that the President of the Republic called upon should be upheld.

The Most Revd. Ezekiel Kondo
Archbishop-elect and
Bishop of Khartoum
21st  May 2014


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