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"The Crew" photographed per our standard practice back to camera (Photo Credit Imperial War Museum PD), Here the crew is examining another government skeleton in the closet

WHO ARE YOU GUYS ? A series of re-posted material for our new visitors who may be wondering who runs this show. There is more than one person behind the AAB but we never use real names, there are good reasons why. But we want you to be able to trust our information and value our opinions, so in the first post below we explain why we use pen names and provide a little glimpse into the lives and careers of the people behind the AAB concept, the AAIS organization, and the actual writings published here. In the subsequent re-posts we introduce you to everyone sometimes by way of reprints of the their original introductions into print. You can scroll down to read each. This is the first time all of the crew biographical data has appeared in one long post. Originally these pieces were published over a period of about a year. This material is also in our  site Introduction page so that new visitors in the future are be able to read about the crew anytime.




 One of the most frequently asked questions that I get from readers is simply "who the hell are you guys anyway?" This is often followed with some specifics such as "Why are so few of your posts actually signed or attributed to someone by name?" Well the second specific is easy enough to answer, many of the posts that are attributed to someone by name are simply attributed to a pen name. So as a matter of policy we go very light with real names around here and for good reason. You see the members of the loosely associated American Admiralty Informational Services , the well spring out of which the American Admiralty Books blog grew consists of a few new recruits, and the remnant of a now defeated army of truth seekers. That remnant is hotly pursued by forces of government and industry with things to hide. Much like Confederate General Sterling Price who ended the Civil War in Texas with only 300 men left from his original army, we decided not to surrender. Price crossed into Mexico and his story became the legend behind the old John Wayne movie THE UNDEFEATED. However Price and his stalwart brothers in arms were real flesh and blood human beings. They learned the price of dying undefeated was to die in poverty. 

Most of us have already paid a price for telling truth to power. Compared to our credentials, levels of effort, and energy expended, our Federal careers in terms of rewards don't measure up to our peers who turned a blind eye to waste fraud, inefficiency, abuse and self aggrandizement in the Sea Services and maritime bureaucracies. Indeed even when we were able to hang on to our pensions our careers  resemble train wrecks. Over time we came to understand that what we have paid so far is but a down payment. Once we existed as a corporate force in the world of the Admiralty court system. We strode into court using our real names, took oaths to the truth, and signed papers. We survived for nearly twenty years but only under constant threat of corporate and personal ruin. Ruin came about two years ago. But we decided to cross our own generational Rio Grande and enter sanctuary in cyber space. From here we are reorganizing and assembling forces to publish the truth in our field, much to the chagrin of those in government and industry with something to hide. Truthfully American Admiralty Books is just the tip of the iceberg planned. So we have a fondness for projecting an image of a blog created by "Cyber Library Elves", and writers with nicknames like "Old Guy" (OG), and SEMI OLD GUY(SOG). We hope you never learn our real names but in order for you to trust us as a news source and source of book reviews and recommendations you need to get to know us.  Click here to read the rest of the post: MEET THE CREW

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