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US Fears 'Pearl Harbor' In Space 

a link to a story in the Nikkei Asian Review by TOSHIKI YAZAWA, Nikkei staff writer

SVN 24, a GPS IIA satellite similar to the one in this image, is currently on the move to provide enhanced GPS coverage to users worldwide.  The satellite is expected to arrive in its new location within the GPS constellation sometime in January 2011. (Public domain image courtesy of
  We have been concerned with  this for years. Toshiki Yazawa hits the nail on the head as he explains China's growing space prowess and general lack of concern with adherence to space law. You can read his original story by clicking here: Space Pearl Harbor

 We have also proposed from time to time the need for a Space Capabilities Restoration And Replacement Force as a deterrent to Chinese further development of aggressive space weapons. We feel there is no doubt that China works constantly on the capability to shoot down or disrupt the operation of our space based military surveillance, navigation, and communications capabilities. We have advocated for a long time a mix of high and low technologies, and work around procedures to be readily available in the event of an attack that begins in Space. We are signatory to a treaty that prohibits weapons in space but fellow signatories China and Russia could care less. We do not loft weapons into earth orbit but we do enjoy a tactical advantage in terms of intelligence , navigation including precision weapons guidance, and communication in space. We should fully expect that an enemy would attack these space based advantages first, in an attempt to blind us, confuse us, cut off our communications and thus any advantage we might have had in the command and control of our defensive resources. We don't want to start an arms race in space by trying to loft weapons, the fact is we've proven our ability to shoot down objects in low earth orbit from the earth's surface , including from ships on the ocean. Our enemies count on us not having enough arrows in our quiver to hit their space based capabilities an equal blow.

 We propose that we make it so difficult to be sure that they have actually taken out any specific capability that they are deterred from trying. This where the Space Based Capabilities Restoration and Replacement Force comes in that we propose. 
We were communicating around the world at the speed of light before we had communications satellites. We need a low tech encrypted standby system capable of global communications on immediate stand by so that we are able to communicate instantly with  our forces in a secure manner the moment we lose space based capabilities. Some technologies within this system may be quite old such as HAM radio. The key is to have it up and ready 24 /7 with codes for mobilization day that have never been used in drills. We should also have some extra satellites for each military space capability in high orbit and able to move into position to restore service on command. Additional spares should be stored near a ready launch pad. Of course the enemy may be able to shoot down the replacements but each time they do they expose their launch site to detection and retaliation. Making sure our sailors and aviators can perform celestial navigation gives us a back up for satellite navigation that no one can take away. We should also consider some Loran Stations in particular venues and or building the once planned earth based eight station global electronic navigation system once known as OMAGA. We don't mean to outline the entire system here or to suggest that it can ever stop evolving. But if we build a basic system fast, keep expanding it, drilling with it, proving it we create a deterrent to not only using such space based weapons as our enemies already have, but a deterrent to spending the money on aggressive systems that can't really knock out our core capabilities.  All aspects of it need not be expensive or high tech. As long as we comprehensively address how we would continue to communicate with our scattered forces, target and guide weapons, with our space based defensive capabilities are wiped out, it is doubtful that the "Space Based Pearl Harbor" will ever happen. Japan didn't catch our carriers in port, all they did in their own words was "awaken a sleeping Tiger". By having , testing, improving and exercising a system of systems that anticipates that we may have to fight "space blind" for a while, we assure would be enemies that we are a fully awake Tiger, more than able to take a licking and keep on ticking.

 Time for some out of the box thinking. 

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