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 Linked above and here is an AOL presentation on recent Rip Current events at various American beaches so far this late Spring / summer. The number of incidents this early in the beach season is a bit disturbing. There is also a video associated with this link. Rip currents can occur on any ocean beach and are difficult to detect. NOAA advises that if you are caught in one don't  try to swim against it towards the beach. These currents are usually related to shallow subsurface natural channeling and are relatively narrow. NOAA Advises swimming calmly parallel to the beach . When you feel the current subside you are back in relatively slack water and can return to the beach. Don't panic. Some Rip currents can be many yards wide but they are a narrow natural phenomena by swimming parallel with the beach you exit the current. We suggest that all beach goers this season check out the links above. But we also suggest a little deeper probing into beach and boating safety with our recommended expert
  MARIO VITTONE  Mario was rescuing the distressed on and in the water back when Noah was an apprentice seaman but has also amassed a broad knowledge of water safety preventative and cautionary knowledge that he shares with the world on his blog linked to at his name above.
We suggest that before you pack up the family for the or even a local pool that you spend some time at his blog spot. Last year we linked our readers to an especially important post of his in which he described what a drowning person, especially a child actually looks like. Forget about the movie image of yelling and arms waving about, when drowning is really about occur, things are very quiet and calm looking. Children have drowned in pools close to parents who remained unaware that they were in the last stages of drowning. We don't intend to tell you it all. Our jobs is to locate, evaluate, organize and link you to the English speaking World's best maritime information resources. So We suggest that use the link to Mario before you go in or near the water this season.

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