Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Meriam Yehya Ibrahim, AND FAMILY 


 Only Yesterday we announced that Dr. Mriam Yehya Ibrahim who was under a sentence of flogging and death for being a Christian in Sudan had been released from prison along with her two small children who had been held with her. Reunited with her husband yesterday the entire family was arrested today at the airport as they attempted to board a flight out of the barbaric nation. CNN has the story but the charges this time so far have not been announced.SEE CNN FOR DETAILS

Editors note:  Daniel Wani, an American citizen and bio chemists is Dr. Ibrahim's, (a medical doctor) husband and father of her two children conceived in a Christian marriage that a Sudanese court declared invalid because Dr. Ibrahim had a male relative who is Muslim, though she was raised from infancy as a Christian. Under the idiotic and barbaric interpretation of Islamic law in the Sudan, Muslim men may marry non Muslim women. Muslim women who marry outside of Islam commit adultery 
(100 lash penalty) with death by hanging if they convert to a religion outside Islam and refuse to renounce it. This is how the judges of the nation interpret their law despite the fact that the constitution of the Sudan supposedly guarantees religious freedom. We think this difference between their courts and their constitution accounts for the release for Dr. Ibrahim yesterday and the political power of the judges is behind the rearrest of the entire family today. 

 This has gone on long enough it is time for the United States to extract this family , which is every bit as American as the one the present occupant of the White House came from. Any one who opposes rescuing U.S. forces is an enemy of humanity and earned what they will be meted out. The judges in this system should be arrested and turned over to the World court for trial as they insist on violating human rights codified in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. If the judges resist arrest with any form of deadly force they should be shot on the spot, along with anyone who defends them, they are indefensible enemies of mankind. We call on all American citizens and the citizens of the Western World to boycott any and all products and any form of commerce with Sudan ( as distinguished from South Sudan which is an independent nation that broke off from the barbarians over exactly these types of violations of human rights) immediately. We call for the United States and all Western Nations to cut off any and all aid to these barbarians. We call for the total isolation and forceful containment of Sudan as a cess pool of tyranny

Should it become necessary to suppress these barbarians with force of arms we remind the entire Western World that these corrupt Islamic judges exist because of significant support among the people especially the men.Dr. Ibrahim's charges ensued when a male relative made a complaint to authorities claiming that she was a Muslim. Under the tyrannical Sudanese system the say so of a male relative is enough to undue a life time of child rearing in a religious tradition, and an individual commitment so strong that Dr. Ibraham faced down the threat of beating and death by hanging rather than relinquish her Christianity. Clearly the Sudan ( not South Sudan) is undeserving of any place in the community of nations. The entire nation, since the judges have such wide spread male support in the general population and women have no say, needs to be contained as a menace to the Human race. What type of monsters imprison new borns and 20 month old toddlers to share a cell with their mother who was held in chains? What type of monsters have now again arrested an entire family with two small children and a father in a wheel chair? 

FREE THE WANI FAMILY NOW ! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. CONTAIN SUDAN UNTIL THE ELECTORATE FORCES THE GOVERNMENT TO RETURN TO CONSTITUTIONAL RULE WITH RESPECT FOR THE UN DECLARATION OF UNIVERSAL HUMAN RIGHTS. There are a number of "Islamic" nations on the verge of total collapse into barbarism that can be seen in the Sudan. But there are also Islamic nations that appear to be able to keep their basic Islamic culture, majority Islamic faith and yet protect the universal human rights of minorities and women. Sudan doesn't face a choice between Islam and any other religion. Sudan stands at a cross roads having traveled too far towards barbarism and must choose between some counterfeit blood thirsty perverted version of law labeled Islamic by corrupt and power drunk Imams or isolation from the human race. It is the male citizens of the Sudan who must decide to turn from this path, all of them. They put the judges in and they participate fully in the system. Will they be husbands and fathers and moral human beings and end this. Or, will they chose to continue down this path and destroy their nation and the reputation of all of Islam in the World. This kind of bizarre barbarian behavior is what is causing increasing alarm and distrust of the entire Islamic world among the rest of the world. Barbarian behavior demanding excusable-ability based on convoluted Islamic argument  endangers the entire Muslim population more directly than it endangers the West, but it is a danger to all mankind. The judges of the Sudan are guilty of crimes against humanity. The whole Western world knows it. So does a large portion of the Islamic world. It is time for that portion of the Islamic world to stand up and loudly condemn the barbarian heretics of Islam.  

Editor's note: " 1h  
they should have executed her christianity is a horrible religion praise allah"

This appeared on Twitter below a notice of the re-arrest of the WANI family. The tweeter is a woman, whose picture indicates that she wears the traditional head scarf, she may be American. How many Muslims does she speak for. Follow on Twitter to see how many American Muslims condemn her statement. If she doesn't meet with overwhelming condemnation. We have all learned something.


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