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(Noted Islamist Abu Bakr al Baghdadi in a screen capture from ya Libnan.)

EDITOR'S NOTE: In several of our posts we have mentioned that the Chief of the ISIS is a former U.S. Captive who told his guards before being discharged from prison "see you in New York". Namazu's pal Vic Socotra was the source of much of our information about the ISIS chief we think may be pictured above Abu Bakr al Baghdadi that being a bit of a mouthful for an English speaker we simply refer to him around the water cooler as "BOZO" every one seems to know exactly who we are talking about. Don't confuse him with "OBOZO" a term associated with the present POTUS .This is the original photo posted with Vic's original post, but just today he posted this: " the photo that accompanied the recent story about the collapse of the Iraqi Army against the insurgent Loony Sunni forces of ISIS. As it turns out, it was not the dirtbag terrorist I was talking about. It was some other dirtbag terrorist."   We did a little research and found this photo in several places identified as the dirt bag we know as "BOZO".   Below is Vic's take on the guy. You can find this kind of stuff daily if you read your "DAILY SOCOTRA" www.vicsocotra.com


This is about as bad as it gets. A pal with a nose for how things are going- he was a senior intelligence officer in the Emirates a while back and understands the regional alignment- is conceding what we knew as Iraq to the dustbin of colonial history. I remember sitting with him in the humid heat one evening, listening to the call to prayers and sipping a fine Scotch and puffing on a real Cuban cigar. He is a realist. This is very bad, and we are apparently not going to do a damned thing about it. There are going to be implications for the global commons, and I am going to start thinking about what that means right here. It seems like that we will do nothing about all this- no one has the will to again commit troops to the fray, and I am not going to argue for that. There will be consequences from this abandonment, though, and we may as well start getting ready for it. Since we cannot seem to acknowledge who we are at war with- or better and more accurately said, who is at war with us- I doubt seriously that we will be able to mount any effective challenge to the new Caliphate. 

 I watched one of the execution videos yesterday- everyone knows what is about to happen- why doesn't anyone do something? If you are to die anyway, why don't you do something? Of course we are doing the same thing here. I find the domestic efforts of CAIR to be quite effective at playing to the media- I look on with some admiration for how they are pulling the strings. Taken with the apparent sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood on the part of Foggy Bottom, and the bizarre support to these murderous thugs provided by our CIA via the Libyan arms trove, I just have no way to believe that this is going to get better any time soon. 

I also think I am going to get out of this high profile target area. Remember what the ISIS war commander Abu Bakr al Baghdadi said when we released him from detention three years ago? “See you in New York.”
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