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Photo: Courtesy U.S. Department of Defense
But To Understand What The Oncoming U.S. Naval Forces Can And Will Do, First You Have to Understand the Situation On The Ground. 
 While there is a carrier task force and other naval combatant vessels headed to the region don't expect an amphibious landing putting marines across a beach. There will be little in the way of U.S. boots on the ground. Iraq has a Sea coast on the Persian Gulf. Iran in the past has been very troublesome about U.S. naval access to and from the Persian Gulf but this time expect cooperation. As strange as it sounds Iran is helping Iraq, and temporarily U.S. naval aviation, and sea borne but shore directed firepower is welcome to the fight. The problem with such firepower is that it takes some very accurate intelligence about the situation on the ground to assure the delivery of effective fire support, avoid excessive collateral damage, and friendly fire incidents.  The situation on the ground is complex, becoming more so and likely will continue fluid and complex for the duration of hostilities. The U.S. naval forces want to target the insurgent and invading forces who will be periodically in close contact with Iraqi government defending forces. Supporting Iranian forces coming to the assistance of Iraq may be coming in behind insurgent / invading forces and closing periodically during the fight. U.S. air cover, missiles, and batteries aimed ashore are going to have to lay down fires often between cooperating defending forces.  Moreover, a lot of the enemy forces will be concentrated in cities already under their control. These are still, under international law Iraqi cities and the general population can't be considered combatants. Targeting within these enemy enclaves is going to require some very touchy aerial manned and unmanned surveillance and on the ground forward air observers who are going to be in grave danger at all times.

 The invader / insurgent forces have no use for the law of armed conflict and simply mass murder government soldiers who surrender.  They will not hesitate once the U.S. is in the air and offshore to
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hide in hospitals, schools, Mosques, and historic sites. They know full well the prohibited targets under the international laws of armed conflict and use the law only for their own advantage. But, no one will ever be brought to trial on some future date for improperly run ISIS POW camps, the ISIS doesn't use them. Above is an example of how the ISIS "processes" POWs.  Use this link  aol   to view the ISIS's own posted photos, these barbarians are actually proud of their total dedication to murder and mayhem.

 To give you some idea of what U.S. naval commanders will be having to sift through to produce viable targeting lists and coordinates we link you to a professional analysis of the on the ground situation by the BROOKINGS INSTITUTION.  To gain a unique insight into the brutal and determined nature of the enemy the ISIS we link you to a profile of their leader at NewsMax  . In case you decide to skip over that link the salient point in the profile is that he is a former U.S. prisoner that we let go.

 We know it offends American liberals, but it is usually irresponsible to let any of our prisoners go. They are unlawful combatants. As such there is no reliable nation state to release them to, and no one to make peace with. They chose to become enemies of mankind and they chose to surrender rather than die fighting. They can not be released while a state of hostilities exist between the United States and their particular non governmental terrorist organization, nations don't institute peace treaties with non nations. They are stuck with indefinite, probably life imprisonment. But look at the handy work via the links provided in this post of the followers of one that we did release. Released they go back to mass murder. American liberals who apply unrelenting pressure on our weak minded politicians to release these barbarians share in the guilt of their mass murders. This time we had better make sure that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is carried from the field stone dead. By the way his final words to the U.S. military police who guarded him as he departed Camp Bucca our largest prisoner encampment in Iraq at the time was "See you in New York". If he ever does reach New York rest assured he will bring the liberals who pushed for his freedom to a bad end probably before he rounds up the Christians and Republicans, and any Muslims who don't believe in his particular blood thirsty band.

  In a separate Post in the immediate future we'll report on the naval situation as it is shaping up in the Persian Gulf. But hopefully as we have explained above when we do you may better understand why not a lot may seem to be happening at first. Some serious targeting intelligence and planning is going to have to precede the employment of any massive naval fire support. But the support is on the way. The biggest questions of all of course is will Obama allow the actual use of the planes, missiles, drones, etc. in combat, or will he allow it soon enough to make a difference. Surely he doesn't believe that just positioning the potential naval support will deter the barbarians? 

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