Friday, June 13, 2014


"The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves" (Og)

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  Johnas Presbyter as a young Chief (to your right)
UP DATED 8/31/2016

 "Og" quoted above is the nick name for "Old Guy" the Capo de Capos around these parts. Og is a big fan of a U.S. TV show called SHARK TANK.  In SHARK TANK people with small business ideas are placed before a ruthless board of venture capitalists and given an opportunity to sell a part interest in their companies to one or more of the venture capitalists who make up the shark tank.  Og's favorite character in the shark tank is a particularly profit minded individual referred to as "Mr. Wonderful" because he has the most caustic personality in the tank. We passed the third anniversary of this blog two summers ago.  "Mr. Wonderful" says that if you are not making money with an activity by the third year you don't have a business, you have a hobby.  Og agrees. We failed our review last September but since our readership was growing rapidly we were given a temporary reprieve. We failed that too , but because of our growing visitor count we were simply reduced in staff and allowed to continue at a reduced pace. We have no idea frankly why more visitors didn't translate to more advertising and purchase revenues. If we could have improved cash flow we could have improved services to you our visitors by regaining staff. But now due to the election of a Democrat to Governor of Louisiana where we are headquartered as a business and the weak minded "cross aisle  mentality" of  some of the Republicans in the State House we have been driven out of business. In a nutshell, Louisiana decided to charge sales tax for all Internet transactions causing Amazon and other vendors we formally had agreements with to decid to not do business in Louisiana. ( SEE THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ELECT DEMOCRATS TO PUBLIC OFFICE FOR MORE DETAILS) .

 Amazingly, Og and the Directors decided to not completely shut us down. Why? Well in show business they say If you have a hit, you have a hit, but if you have an audience you have a career. Since the entire organization will eventually leave Louisiana unless they dump the Democrats before all arrangements can be made, we are allowed to continue. Thanks to the loyalty of you , our visitors and the constant growth in your numbers we are on survival status in the hopes that when we reach a safe haven for capitalist you will still be with us. Survival status means reduction to only three part time contributors. We have a ton of corrective work to do in order to clean up the blog to conform to socialist regulations such as the EU's demands for cookie warnings, and pulling down all of the advertising so that newly socialist Louisiana doesn't start demanding their tax share of revenue that we don't generate. This all takes time and that is why you no longer see several brand new posts daily, indeed we are lucky to get new posts out twice a week.  New book reviews and other information items are now only rarely added to the special interest pages and we had to tear down our entire "on line shopping mall". While it is an upstream row we are still building , we hope you will stay with us during the transitional years ahead. If you enjoy  the Great Catfish, and our Ghostly Legal Analyst, use the Great Links Locker, or the Special Interest Pages, please stick with us and do what you can to help us build circulation. For the immediate future staying on line is a matter of visitor count, if you are a fan or follower you can help us raise that count. Below are a few suggestions.

Help us build circulation by:
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Following us on Twitter ( we're finally there now but may be hard to find at first, please make the effort)

Liking us on FACEBOOK ( yes we're there now too, just barely we may be a bit hard to find). There is a button for this at the end of some posts.

If we continue to grow an audience the directors and Og believe that we will overcome and one day develop revenues .  Revenues are the lacking element that keeps the Great Namazu a part timer and prevents him from getting his "minions" (cube farm full of staff researchers, he thinks of all us as his "Minions", occupational idiosyncrasy of being a former demigod)
 If you enjoy this site keep us rolling at full speed. Use social media to help us build our visitor count.

Johnas Presbyter, Editor in Chief.

Don't force Surfing Muse to get the dreaded "real job", or Namazu to have to take up album cover modeling again, or put the ware house staff back out on the streets, the library elves on welfare, or force me to do contract corporate white papers for my 40 hours each week. Like us on face book today!

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