Sunday, June 22, 2014


Reported over the Week End by The Daily Star:

Jihadi Threat to BLOW UP Oil Tanker at Major UK Port

A TERRORIST sleeper cell is planning to seize an oil ­tanker and mount a ­spectacular suicide attack at a major UK port.
"Home Office chiefs called in the ­Ministry of Defence after uncovering the plan just days ago through a network of informants working for the ­intelligence services.
They warned an extremist unit in ­Britain is planning a “significant event”. read the entire story at the DAILY STAR 
 EDITOR'S NOTE: We urge all port workers in the UK to follow the link and read the article to learn as much as you can so that you can be on the look out. for suspicious activity. We have always warned about this danger and have suspected that sleeper cells have been looking at tankers as a potential weapon of mass disruption. If you examine the Texas City accident in the late 1940s you can get an idea of the destructive power of a ship load of explosive material. Fortunately for Texas this occurred in a sparsely settled port along the Houston Ship Channel miles from either Houston or Galveston. None the less the detonation of a single ship load of ammonia nitrate destroyed the ship, an adjacent ship, the wharf, all buildings in the immediate area, knocked a light air craft out of sky , blew the anchor 10 miles inland, and broke windows 20 miles away in Galveston. All of the Texas City destructive potential pales compared to what a 50,000 or 100,000 gross ton modern tanker full of aviation fuel, gasoline, etc. could do if detonated. ,Also keep in mind that the terrorist "chatter " that British intelligence has been monitoring may not be precise in its maritime nomenclature. Big bulk carriers look a lot like tankers and believe it or not a load of grain can be explosive under the right conditions. So heads up in the ports out there!. Blowing up a ship in port is a naturally attractive target for a terrorist organization. Not only does such an act do tremendous damage, and cause horrific levels of death and injury, but blocked ports, destroyed shore side facilities , etc. can cause massive economic damage for months afterward. This type of tactic is called an improvised weapon of mass disruption, not destruction, despite the massive physical damage and human suffering. The goal is not only terror but major economic damage to the targeted economy. Don't leave the job just to the police and special boat units, be their eyes and ears, if you see something say something.  

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