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A Spaceship For The Sea

SVN 24, a GPS IIA satellite similar to the one in this image, is currently on the move to provide enhanced GPS coverage to users worldwide.  The satellite is expected to arrive in its new location within the GPS constellation sometime in January 2011. (Public domain image courtesy of 
Public domain image courtesy of

Satellites have been used to study the ocean for decades, but this is like a space ship brought down to oceans surface.
  A French Oceanographic group has drawn up plans for a unique oceanographic research vessel. While we have been drawing parallels of late between the history of ocean transport and the commercialization of space, this group has been borrowing from space exploration ideas for a unique research vessel. It looks like no conventional ship you've ever seen, and is even radically different from mobile offshore drilling unit (MODU) design which is not very ship like. The vessel is a true semi submersible with large living quarters and labs below the surface and pressurized so that divers can work indefinitely at what would other wise be decompression table depth. Such labs extend available work time for divers who don't have to engage in long slow ascents to avoid decompression. 
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