Thursday, June 12, 2014


Vietnam, Philippines Navies in First Spratlys Games

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"Filipino and Vietnamese troops played volleyball and football in a contested South China Sea archipelago Sunday, a landmark act of sports diplomacy that both sides said could ease territorial tensions.The games were hosted by Vietnam on one of the islands it controls in the Spratlys archipelago, a powder keg area of competing regional claims, Philippine Navy spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Gregory Fabic said. "It is an activity we would like to (set as an) example to other (claimants)," in the area, Fabic said. "These kind of activities will ease up tensions," he said. The Spratlys are a disputed archipelago of reefs, islands and atolls in the South China Sea that is coveted by the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan."

   That's right Mr. Dragon the tenacious Philippines, those folks who spawned marines who would starve rather than give up a derelict hulk to you are playing  with Vietnam's sailors and marines. You do remember Vietnam don't you Mr. Dragon, you steamed into their territorial water in the 1988 and used anti aircraft guns to sink one of their ships and murder 63 of their sailors standing in waist deep water. Oh, need a memory jogger fortunately there is film:

 Well now the navies of Vietnam and the Philippine's are having friendly meetings  in the Spratlys. Of course the Dragon claims all of the Spratlys, including those parts that are more than 400 miles from the Dragon's mainland and less than 200 miles from either Vietnam or the Philippines. Yes, the Philippines and Vietnam have conflicting claims but these are in areas where the disputed islands or reefs are within 200 miles of both nations. Perhaps because the Dragon only knows "my way or the highway" it thought that the Philippines and Vietnam would forever be unable to resolve their own disputes or join in disputing China's totally bogus claims. Wrong! The situation is far more complex than the Dragon's reptilian brain can comprehend:

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