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Sudan's Christians 'don't feel safe in prayer' after apostasy death sentence

EDITOR'S UPDATE; SINCE THIS WAS FIRST PUBLISHED Dr. Ibrahim her husband and two children were released from jail through the efforts of Italian diplomats, flown to Rome, met by the Pope and allowed to enter America. They are now residing in New Hampshire. Meanwhile those Christians in the Sudan who are not married to American citizens and haven't drawn international attention are being subjected to the noose. America continues to provide Sudan with foreign aid.  

By Nima Elbagir, CNN
June 4, 2014 -- Updated 1016 GMT (1816 HKT)

"Khartoum, Sudan (CNN) -- "Father we ask that you stand with your child Mariam. We ask that you strengthen and support her and grant her your grace."
It's the Sunday service in Khartoum and the pastor is leading the Christian congregation in prayers for Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, the mother of two convicted last month for the crime of apostasy after a court ruled that she abandoned the Muslim faith.
It's crime she strenuously denies, maintaining both that she was raised Christian -- in spite of being born to a Muslim father -- and that she would have been within her rights to leave the faith. Neither statement has won her clemency under Sudan's harsh interpretation of Islamic law." READ MORE AT CNN
Sudan fully intends to flog and hang Dr. Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, mother of two and wife of American citizen Daniel Wani a naturalized American born in Sudan and now a legal resident of New Hampshire. She is accused of being a Christian, a charge she admits but maintains should never be considered a crime much less a capital crime. She is a medical doctor and mother of two by Micro biologiost Dr. Daniel Wani. Her two children a 20 month old son and a new born daughter are in prison with her. An Islamic court annulled her marriage to Wani as invalid because he is a Christian and have legally taken custody from the couple.Per the barbaric Sudanese version of Islamic law the children are kept in the prison with her where she has been in leg shackles, that the prison wouldn't even remove while she gave birth to her daughter, she was 8 months pregnant when arrested. According to the Sudanese barbaric custom they generally delay hanging a woman with a nursing baby sometimes up to two years, really how very kind! So Mariam  has no date scheduled for her execution as yet. Unfortunately the barbarian court also annulled her lawful Christian marriage announcing that she now was guilty of adultery and added one hundred lashes with a whip to the sentence to be carried out at some point prior to execution. She basically is now at the mercy of the prison medical authorities who wouldn't even cause her ankle chains to be removed while she gave birth. In short she could be easily beaten to death at any moment.

 What we are learning as we follow this story is more than what CNN reveals in the linked article above. Christians are afraid to go to church or engage in any form of community worship services. While the government of Sudan points to the numerous Christian Churches in the country as evidence of its religious tolerance, they don't like to mention that the churches are emptying. Worse, we have read stories of church burning with police looking passively on. As we described in a recent post, we have also learned of other Christians put on trial for their lives though as demonstrated in the letter by a Sudanese Bishop their names can be hard to come by. Dr. Mariam Yahya Ibrahim is probably the tip of an iceberg of widespread persecution of Christians. We are learning it is not just run by heretical Islamic jurists but backed fully by the the majority of the people. Christians do not feel safe. We are only beginning to learn of this shameful situation because Mariam is married to an American citizen. The deeper we dig, the more we learn that persecuting Christians is a popular activity with perhaps the majority of non Christian Sudan.

But apparently the sniveling cowards and incompetent bureaucrats that run our federal government are content to take a wait and see attitude. Of course, if the barbarians actually hang this woman and take her children, who may well be American citizens depending on about 5 tests that were never intended to be applied to babies in the first place, these sniveling cowards, politically correct idiots will probably be relieved thinking that it will all go away, after all it is quite a bother. Heaven forbid that our intervention in this barbarism might actually offend some portions of the Muslim world. But then with the overwhelming majority of Americans being so inconveniently Christian inaction is not likely to keep cowards and idiots in office so they produce weak little sniveling coward statements like the one we printed for your review .  We submit that if any of them were real men and Americans they would accept this simple position. The husband of this Christian family is officially and legally one of us, an American. If the present occupant of the White House with his Kenyan father is a U.S. citizen then it shouldn't take a big leap of logic to declare that the two children of New Hampshire resident Daniel Wani are American citizens. We have a right to demand their release to their father and to back it up with military force if necessary. While there is the impediment of moral cowardice and unmanly dithering about to declaring the children's mother a citizen, she is already entitled by law to an entry visa by virtue of being married to Daniel.

 One embarrassing aspect of this case is the bureaucratic delay in granting Mariam that entry visa in a timely manner. She should have been long gone from the Sudan if the Immigration Service had been on the ball.
If there were any real men in the administration the red tape would be cut away, the hiding behind bogus legal arguments and needless worry about global cultural diversity and a simple stance made. Here it is. This family is American now because the father is American by choice and has declared that to be the choice of his entire family. Our society can actually benefit from a pair of good Christian parents trying to raise decent children, and we could certainly use a another medical doctor and research microbiologist. Unlike the Islamic judges of the Sudan, and apparently the majority of the people we do not regard them as throw away people to whipped and hanged like rapid dogs. These are our people and we will not tolerate such treatment. We are prepared to intervene as forcefully as necessary to free the mother and children of this family and if they are harmed before being returned to American jurisdiction, there will be a terrible retribution meted out to the elite that presently rules Sudan. 

 Of course, such a policy would only work if applied by a government with some real men at the helm. Some of the left wing feminist will be offended by the idea that women occasionally need men to protect them. The the pacifists will complain that we would use guns to defend against a rope. The multicultural activists who think every culture except Western Christian culture should be vigorously defended will be deeply offended by such "bullying" of an Islamic nation. Real men would respond simply that we put American soldiers at risk in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bosnia to defend Muslims and we see no reason why we can't use force to defend our own people. But the present administration has not manned up yet, the groups cited above put them in office. They would sooner see all of the Christians in the Sudan hanging from lamp posts than offend their non Christian persecutors.  After all they are only doing what barbarians do. So where do you stand? Have you called your Congressional delegation to tell them to man up and stand up for the Wani family? If not why not? Have we the people become as timid , self serving , and self absorbed  as our political leaders in Washington.

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