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NOTICE:  The Week did not start out well with the ISIS on the march. We have a post by Vic Scotra today on the Chief of the ISIS. The Sudan remains on our list of places that should never be visited , especially by U.S. Merchant Mariners with aid cargoes. First the Sudanese High Court released one Christian mother of two from her sentence of one hundred lashes and death by hanging for basically being a Christian. Unfortunately the Sudanese arrested the entire family (father , mother, two babies) again yesterday morning before they could leave the country (the Father is American). Based on a letter from a Christian Bishop in Sudan that we published earlier we believe there is still a young man facing death by hanging for being a Christian in Sudan. Unlike the woman who was released he is not married to an American, so there is little pressure on the government. Really its time for us to wake up, if one person is threatened with execution over religious differences with the state we all are threatened. The problem is as old as Rome and on the rise again. We offered a parting opinion on that Monday as we prepared to refocus on our main concern, maritime information. We also have some order of battle type information for you on the ISIS vs Iraqi army and a link to what we think is a remarkable source for those of you following events over there. While we anticipated an air cover support campaign with major contributions from U.S. Aircraft carriers nothing so far appears to be happening. So we have a parting post on that as we prepare for a return of focus from current events back to the maritime world. As you will note in today's posts however a return to maritime events has to include more aggression by that old Dragon China in the seas that bear her name. 

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