Monday, June 9, 2014

Jihadi Insurgency Threat by Country
Interactive Maps

Courtesy the Intel Center:

If you compare Jihadi insurgency activity and actual territorial control from before the 9/11 attack on America to what is going on today it is clear that the "Jihadi", "Heretical Brigands", or simply Islamic Terrorists are on the rise and more troublesome than ever around the world. For all of its wrong turns, errors, omissions the U.S. "war on terror", "homeland security", law enforcement / military partnership  programs whatever we want to call them collectively have at least kept the U.S. free for about 13 years from a follow on attack of similar magnitude to 9/11.  The rest of the world including Russia and China have not been as fortunate. The Intel Center has produced three maps showing the levels of Jihadi activity ranging from actual territorial control to permanent enclaves and periodic action in graded color schemes imposed over a global map. To put it bluntly, the Sufi, other non Jihadi Muslims, and minority Christian, and Jewish populations are in deep trouble. The Barbarians are at the gate.They run Iran, and pretty much run Sudan. Frankly they secretly run Saudi Arabia. Check out the maps at THE INTEL CENTER JIHADI ACTIVITY MAPS.

What can the West do about it? Actually plenty if we have the will. Just as the terrorist attack military and police recruiting stations in the zones that are most heavily infested with these barbarians, we have to attack the source of their unlawful combatants, the Imams who preach hatred, the judges who enforce barbarian laws, the schools that teach hatred, and the money trail that stretches out of Saudi Arabia to place the hate mongering teachers into the targeted Muslim schools. We have been trying to face off with an ever increasing number of terrorists dedicated to the point of being suicidal and making no real wage demands on their leaders who have brainwashed them with ever more expensive all volunteer professional military troops and career law enforcement professionals. Western military and police forces have so far done a good job of meeting a threat that increases daily but if the disease is allowed to spread will eventually become over whelming. This is what the Imams of hate know, predict , point to and rely on. They are free to generate as much hate and intolerance, and suicidal commitment as they possibly can with complete immunity. Our proposed solution? While continuing to maintain the security measures that have protected us for over a decade lets find their money and take it away or block its flow, which ever is possible and can be done fastest. Lets identify their schools and destroy their physical plant. Lets identify the hate mongering Imams and isolate them by cutting off their ability to travel, disrupt their internet connections, catch some and treat them to a special rendition to any state with a direct cause of action against them or to a division of the world court and charge them with crimes against humanity. Lets publish to the world their most hidden crimes such as the systematic persecution of Christians in Sudan, honor killings, the amputation of limbs of Children caught stealing bread , Let's drag these satanic fiends out into the sunlight and expose their deeds. Lets arm self protective minority groups within the territories they control to fight back. And frankly, when one of these Barbaric judges sentences some one to hang for being a Christian or Jew or non conforming Muslim, lets drone target him and assure the local population that at least that judge will no longer be able to miscarry justice. Or we can always do what we've been doing, maybe buy peace in our time in our corner of the world, and let the bastards over run our grand children.

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