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2/ 23/2013


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Officially the USS Pueblo, a U.S. Navy intelligence gathering ship captured by North Korea in 1968, is still a commissioned vessel of the United States Navy. She was captured by the North Koreans in International waters in 1968 and crew held captive and tortured. This low point in the Cold War known as the Pueblo Incident dragged on for 11 months before the crew was repatriated. The ship has never been returned and the United States has never relinquished any rights in it, it remains as we said, a commissioned ship of the U.S. Navy. The North Koreans had previously docked it on the Taedong River in Pyongyang as a museum. Then, as we reported several months, ago it mysteriously disappeared. There was quite a bit of speculation over what was being done with it. 

 We learned today ( 2/23/2013)  that the ship has undergone some work and is being returned to Pyongyang where it will be a center piece for a new museum. The new museum has the rather pretentious name of  Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum, according to the official government news service. North Korean President for Life Kim Jong Un visited the construction site recently and referred to the planned museum as a base for "anti U.S. education.

Well, we're happy to know where our ship is and to know that it still floats, even though what we want to see happen is a scuttling of the ship by U.S. agents.. Letting the North Koreans have it and exploit it while still commissioned is unacceptable. This is unfinished business. In the midst  of the other tensions in the area we don't need to invade and recapture we should have done that in 1968. There isn't enough intrinsic value in the ship to risk American lives over it, but if we can kill a terrorist with a drone strike we ought to be able to sink a museum ship. Its time to scuttle her and strike her from the naval list. By keeping her in commission and allowing North Korea to display her we dishonor American sailors. Scuttle her now!


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