Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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The 17th Passenger – Bounty Hearings – Day 7

 The "17th passenger " as described in the linked article from gcaptain.com died before the ship went down in Hurricane Sandy. The 17th Passenger was competence, something that the hearings into the accident are demonstrating was in short supply. We visited the ship the last time she was in Annapolis, which indeed would prove to be her last time in Annapolis, her very last time. The Captain we learned in the linked article didn't survive the accident, so many questions will go unanswered. The rest of the crew in the hearing appear well intended, serious minded but inexperienced. It seemed no one but the Captain had any real experience.
There must be training billets at sea or no new seamen emerge. On a training vessel it is even OK if the green hands out number the old salts but the entire three watches must be commanded by the experienced deck watch officers and the engine room must be led by a real professional engineering officer, and there must be a sprinkling of experienced able seamen among the hands on deck and aloft. This wasn't the case on the Bounty. We link to gcaptain.com in our NEWS SECTION. It is an excellent general maritime new source and the coverage of the hearing is extremely well written so we will not attempt to provide coverage of these events. Instead we will simply point you to gcaptain.com where the hearing coverage is in progress.

LINK TO gcaptain.com:  http://gcaptain.com/17thpassenger/

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