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EDITORIAL NOTE 1/10/2017: Apparently the American People took much of what the Great Catfish said to heart in 2013 or instinctively understood the situation. As we write this the inauguration of Donald Trump is just over a week away.  Mr. Trump while the Republican candidate for President was not a traditional or life long Republican and has proven too politically incorrect, and unbeholden for the taste of much of the Republican elite. He appears to us to be basically a pragmatist with a healthy respect for the constitution and basic Judeo Christian ethics and morality  , despite some personal lapses in practice. In short he is the leader of a movement that erupted in the Republican Party and crossed party lines. He is destined to be absolutely hated by the left and neo conservatives who will stop at nothing to try to prevent him from taking office, or in the alternative cut his tenure short. Given the abject treasonous attitude of America's leftist elite the next 100 days will literally be the Chinese curse; "May you live in interesting times". Today seemed like a good day to revisit the wisdom of the Catfish. 

UPDATE FEBRUARY 15, 2015 by Namazu: When I wrote this back in 2013 the Democrats controlled the Congress and the White House but were already starting to lose their grip. Today the Democrats control only the White House. Sequestration was avoided in the short term except for the DHS which will run out of money in March if an appropriations bill for the DHS can not be signed. (update 6/2/2015 the appropriation was eventually signed) The Democrats intend to block any such bill and if unsuccessful the President will Veto any such bill. Its simple, the Republicans intend to de-fund amnesty for illegal aliens. The Democrats want the nation over run with illegals that they can convert to legals and buy their votes with the tax money taken from America's hard pressed and shrinking middle class. So despite the fact that the balance of power in the Congress has changed since I first wrote the post below, in reality nothing has changed. Bipeds it boils down to this. Democrats are now simply a den of traitors. The Republicans are still short sighted elitists fools. Either group will put you in chains but the Republicans will be slower. The American political system can no longer function on a two party model. Real viable multiple parties have to evolve and the electorate has to learn to stop thinking of a vote for a third party candidate as a "wasted vote". A viable third party, fourth party, or more presence in Congress will force coalition and compromise, encourage through debate and discussion and finally result in some common sense in government.  Time is short though for American bipeds,  Those who forge your chains are already in the halls. 

Editor's note by Johnas Presbyter 6/2/2015 We note that since Namazu first published this post an Islamic conquest of America was considered an "off shore threat" by the Great Catfish. ISIS now claims to have over 70 terrorists agents in 15 American states. We have seen at least one beheading attributed to a Muslim here in the U.S. and enough Islamofascist inspired violence to conclude that Islam must be added to the those threatening Americans with peonage, and they are here and working daily for the demise of the American constitutional form of government, the demise of Christians and Jews and Judeo/ Christian influenced morality. All four threats of descent into peonage are now ashore in America, and but for a few small non government groups and outspoken individuals, virtually unopposed.  

My good American biped friends "we gotta talk". As I have been examining the naval challenges and naval strength of the English speaking world I have been unable to escape two observations concerning your  particular situation. First you are in fact the leading naval power in the world. Second your power is shrinking in relation to the Dragon, the Bear, and other enemies, yet you continue to shrink it of your own accord. It is obvious to you "the people" and to the world that your national government is in tatters and unable to govern. I can not understand why you don't hear the rattling of slave's chains in the halls. I need to introduce you to a concept. The concept is called "

peonage [ˈpiːənɪdʒ]peonism [ˈpiːəˌnɪzəm]
1. (Sociology) the state of being a peon
2. (Economics, Accounting & Finance / Banking & Finance) a system in which a debtor must work for his creditor until the debt is paid off
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

The Impressment of American Seamen by the British, this form of involuntary servitude started a war but the present threats of involuntary servitude of all Americans don't appear to elicit much reaction

 American bipeds peonage is coming at you from three directions. Two of them are literally breathing down your neck , the third is still offshore you have to throw off the first two to be ready to defend yourselves from the offshore threat. The three chain dragging apparitions seeking to put you in chains are; the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the Government of China. All three of these slave master wannabes want to utilize the staggering national debt that both Democrats and Republicans ran up, and which is largely held by the Chinese.  After decades of running the government into the ground with debt the Congress has been unable to even pass a budget for three years.  Your President (Obama, 2013 post) is a serial vacationer still playing golf one week away from the the sequestration fiscal cliff. Your Bureaucrats are busy scheming how to avoid the coming budget cuts by threatening to cut not fat, but vital services. As just one example look at what is coming out of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). With the sequestration fiasco just a week away they announce that they will cut air traffic controller time negatively impacting airline service. Hello, the FAA has many other employees besides air traffic controllers and many tasks besides air traffic control, but few if any of higher priority than air traffic control. Like any Federal agency the FAA has a small army of clerical folks whose tasks don't directly affect air traffic and commerce. You can bet that every FAA employee above the GS 15 level has one or more "assistants" that they could do without for a while. Below the head of agency how many six figure Senior Executive service "deputies" and "assistants" are really necessary under these emergency circumstances. Wouldn't it be cheaper to field one safety inspector on over time than two? Of course there is a safety factor in not fatiguing such employees but this is an emergency right?

 But do you hear anything along these lines from any of the agencies?  No the bureaucrats always go for the public jugular vein when facing budget cuts and threaten the vital service their agency was created to provide instead of addressing the agency's fat, bloat, and feather beds. Their intention is to create fear and public out cry so that the Congress takes us deeper into debt for another year of bloated operations. I would humbly suggest that if the bureaucrats would instead concentrate on how to deliver the maximum vital services on the least amount of money your nation might actually emerge from sequestration with a trimmer more efficient, more affordable government. 

 By law fully half of the budget cuts must come out of the defense budget,  so really these other agencies are not in real danger of extinction. More over the meat cleaver of sequestration provides the President in the absence of a budget and the presence of a mandated budget cut with a virtual line item veto. Should the federal government be supporting NPR and PBS? 

 When you are facing defense cuts, diminished postal service , delayed transportation and flood control infrastructure maintenance; is Big Bird going to be a priority? Has anyone ever stopped to realize that much of the funding for NPR and PBS comes from donations and advertising, less taxes on the people often generates more contributions to worthy non profit organizations. Right now however before U.S. Tax payers can pay for even a modicum of necessary federal services like defense, postal service, border control, maritime and aviation search and rescue, disease control, agricultural inspection, they have to shoulder massive debt payments. Dumping some of the nice to have but not necessary to national life programs from the federal feeding plan may not actually kill these programs though you can be sure they will shake up their managers. In addition to requiring the national defense to absorb half the budget cut the ill advised portions of Gramm -Rudman spread the military pain across all branches. 

 Hello! Does anyone remember your constitution? Congress is required to maintain a Navy but is only authorized to raise an army. In fact legally appropriations for an army may not be for longer than two years. The Air Force? It evolved out of the Army Air Corps so the same constitutional provisions apply. At the moment the threats facing the people of the United States come from over seas in the form of murderous  terrorist organizations, one of which at last published count owns 23 merchant ships. The next biggest threat is from China and it is naval in character. To counter it  America needs to be on a naval expansion. How do you do that with such a diminished defense budget? How on earth will American do it with a Congress and President that ignore the constitution and spread all defense cuts across the board when they should be prioritizing the services based on actual defense needs and constitutional requirements.

American bipeds, trust me, your founding fathers who I was able to observe in action due to being 3,000 years old, were giants compared to the mental, and moral defectives now in power. They had a reason to be leery of standing armies the involuntary and uncompensated quartering of British troops in their homes made them realize how a corrupt and authoritarian government can use a standing army to police the people into peonage.  On the other hand they saw first hand how naval weakness led to invasion, piracy, and all manner of problems abroad. Navies are not likely to be quartered in your home and at least part of the force won't even be within your borders much of the time. Look at what is going on with Mexico along the Rio Grande with the drug/human trafficking cartel known as the ZETAS. 

 The ZETAS were founded by deserters from the Mexican Army's special forces. They have been pursued for years by Mexican law enforcement aided by the Mexican Army. Gradually the Mexican Government figured that the Zetas had infiltrated and corrupted certain elements within the Mexican Army. Too many raids were just short of on time, and too few Zetas were being scooped up. The Mexican Government has turned to its Navy/Marine Corps Team for such raids and the success rate is improving dramatically. The Navy comes up to the border from stations far to the south. After a successful operation they return to home port and often put time in at sea. They are much harder to find, bribe or threaten than the regular standing army . 

 Our Navy is also a full spectrum armed service. It has not only a fleet, but also an air arm, and a naval infantry service of the first rank in the world, the United States Marine Corps. In tight budget times, particularly when facing threats by sea, Americans need to follow the wisdom of the founding fathers and put more of the Army /Air Forces in reserve and and maintain, and grow, albeit at a slow increment the Navy / Marine Corps team. Who do you think would give you wiser advice on this George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, or some guys named Gramm and Rudman?

 Here are the facts American bipeds, if China miscalculates, and there is every danger she will , and fires on a public vessel of Japan or the Philippines you are at war with China. Both sides will try to contain it to a naval war. You will have to fight with what you have on hand. Any build up has to be in advance of need. If your combined naval forces are defeated America will have to retreat back to Pearl Harbor and the economies of Japan, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand , and the Asian smaller powers and city states will become part of a Chinese run demand economy servicing China. America will be reduced to peonage spending generations paying off your debt to China.  If you win, The dragon is toast, you get to first suspend debt payments to China since no one expects a nation to fund the war effort of an enemy, then get to check off against it the expenses of the war effort or simply repudiate the debt in retaliation for starting the war. There will be little international credit consequences to eliminating debt to China during an actual shooting war. With the Chinese Navy on the bottom, and their treasury wrecked they are through as a super power aspirant for decades.

 The greater your naval strength the more deterred the dragon is from starting such a shooting war in the first place. The aggression didn't start until American naval strength reached a critical mass where it is badly stressed to keep up with its global commitments and then started to reduce itself based on dreadfully ill managed budget woes. All of this was happening as China was on a naval roll. America and Japan together right now could defeat China, if India and Australia were to join in, victory would be virtually assured. But China is behaving aggressively because she doubts America's resolve, believes Australia can be intimidated into staying out, and sees that her increasing naval strength is now chasing diminishing American naval strength. Reverse that now by increasing  American fleet size wisely now, budget cuts not with standing, shore up Australia's resolve, and forge an alliance with India bring her growing naval strength and competence into the Dragon's calculus. These are the actions that could force the dragon to confine her maritime expansion techniques to suits in international maritime forums, where by the way, she will never be allowed to turn the South and East China and Yellow Seas into private lakes, but she will prevail in a few of her claims to certain islands not in her possession at the moment. The dragon, reduced to a litigator dependent on the slow wheel of justice for final territorial expansion limits might just see the wisdom of engaging her neighbors in an international cooperative mineral leasing plan that would encourage the oil and gas production of the region, which is what China and her neighbors really need. American bipeds you should have learned this on the playground in grammar school, bullies don't behave well, except around people a lot stronger than them. To get strong America you have to stay free, peons are not strong, they are starved.

 To stay free you must avoid the peonage traps and intentions of the Republicans and the Democrats these two parties have become national evils. Each is run at its core by wealthy elites using their financial support of the parties as leverage to push their agendas, The democratic party is now controlled by an elite that is old school Marxist with new names. Basically they want to reduce the people to dependence on the government. Their free lunch, bread and circuses appeal works with a lot of voters. Unfortunately as the Soviet Union found out government dependency doesn't improve economic production and eventually everyone is reduced, if they are lucky, to a sort of genteel poverty.  Since the communist lost power in Russia and the Soviet union collapsed, basically from bankruptcy, Russia has moved to a mix of state and crony capitalism. China has basically done the same thing without the so called "communist" party losing control. Check it out, these communist states have less of a social "safety net" by far than supposedly "arch capitalist" America. An unrestrained federal government of democratic party members will bring you to exactly the same state of peonage that the Soviet union imposed on its citizens for nearly a century.

 Unfortunately an unrestrained Republican party run federal government will bring you to the peonage that the Chinese people are held in, that of authoritarian crony capitalism. At the core of the Republican Party ruling elite are people who want to see the social security safety net , fair labor standards act protections, occupational safety and health protections, and any form of wage support repealed. They want the elimination of environmental protections and any and all other restraints on the free reign of capital eliminated. They count on support of middle class people who identify with certain of the moral values the elite is willing to articulate like resistance to gay marriage and abortion on demand. But these supporters never seem to really examine the party's real core values which don't include fair play for labor. Some white collar Americans though totally dependent on an employer in an organization where they have no ownership have been taught to not associate themselves with "labor". The rank and file registered Republicans have little in common beyond resistance to abortion , resistance to gay marriage,  resistance to excessive taxation, and advocacy of a strong defense with the ruling elite of the party. The ruling elite will cheerfully dismantle the systems that protect the rank and file as employees if they ever gain enough power. In some sense quite a few American bipeds sense this and frequently cross registered party lines trying to keep the government divided. Divided, progress towards either vision of peonage for the people is slowed but now the nation is threatened from without and can't be governed. What's an intelligent biped to do?

 At the beginning of this article I addressed America as an "aberration", by that I mean in the norm of English Speaking Democracies form of government. The norm is a parliamentary democracy. There are one or two houses of the legislative branch, the head of government is a "Prime Minister" selected in one of the legislative houses. The head of state is separate and detached from the head of government in the person of a monarch, elected "president" or "Governor General". The head of state does not govern, but plays an important role in determining when a government is not governing, declaring "no confidence" in the government and calling for a general election where all of the legislative seats and the head of government offices are up for grabs. America has both its head of state and government in a single office that of President and he has no such power to call a general election, even Congress and Senate can't do it for themselves. The American system is a representative republic. Government is largely by elected legislators and executives whose terms are staggered in such a way that they can never be replaced simultaneously. The public only gets periodic opportunities to turn out of office selected classes of office holders. At a moment like now with there actually being no confidence in the government there is no hope for a rapid peaceful change of power to the type of freedom loving, fiscally, pragmatic  responsible, freedom loving people the American people need in office now. Some U.S states are passing nullification laws and major sectors of the populace are talking succession. Many people are hoarding militarily useful fire arms and ammunition against an anticipated armed crack down on the people by those currently in power. There is really only one hope to avoid either peonage by one of the three slave holder wannabes , or political office holders hanging from lamp posts or stood against walls in Washington DC. I don't recommend a violent revolution because what is most likely to happen is one of the slave holding wannabe factions will capture the revolution. 

 America is a representative republic precisely because Americans wanted to concentrate on the "pursuit of happiness" and not be constantly involved in the daily running of government. They wanted ultimate control of the government  by the people by retaining the right to elect law makers and law executives periodically. Americans didn't want to govern by plebiscite. Unfortunately you the people if you wish to escape peonage or conquest must now do the work of governing daily for the next five years or more. You must completely change out your ruling elite in Washington, and replace them with an elite that doesn't want to "rule" but is capable of "governing" responsibly.

(1) First run, don't walk to your voter registration office and drop your party affiliation if you are either  Democrat or Republican. Remember the parties have no role under the constitution and they are now controlled at their cores by people who mean you harm. A massive shift to independent voter registration will tell your present representative that they had better start listening to the people vice the party elite or no amount of campaign money will keep them in office. 

(2)Second vote in every election and make your selection based on integrity,  pragmatism, and the candidate's apparent grasp of the problems and practical solutions.

 (3) Write your representatives and tell them that you value "full faith and credit of the United States" and that you will vote against any candidate who so much as considers out loud default on any debt of the United States.

(4) Write your representatives and tell him or her  you support and demand the present level of security net for workers including some form of social security , unemployment comp, and fair labor standards, and occupational safety and health inspection. But that you do not support social security payments to illegal aliens, or to non workers who don't pay into the system. Tell them you expect the government to pay back out of the general revenues every dime they "borrowed" from the social security trust fund and that you expect them to rework the system to be demographically workable in the future. 

(5) Write your representatives and tell them you want charity to become again the province of the churches, affinity groups, and non profits; government is a failure at it. If you really expect to give a "hand up and not a hand out" you may have to discuss morals with the recipient, only the churches and affinity groups can do that .

(6) In your manifesto to your representatives tell them in no uncertain terms that the only support to the arts you expect from the government is whatever sensible outlays they may make in decorating government spaces. Let the rich and a hopefully rising middle class be the patrons of the arts. 

(7) Let the present unrepentant miscreants that pass for office holders know that health care is important to you and that Obama care is a disaster. If we are to have universal health care access and freedom of choice we can't run the church run hospitals out of business, eliminate the military health care system , and allow the insurance industry to force the closure of insurance alternatives such as church and affinity group mutual help plans, require Americans to purchase insurance vice any of the alternatives that used to be out there before the insurance special interest lobbies in countless state houses ran the alternatives from the realm of legality, with the final death blow being Obama Care's mandate that all Americans purchase "insurance".

(8) In your manifesto to the present unrepentant miscreants demand the enforcement of all of our custom's laws including tariffs and penalties in full. We may owe China trillions but China owes the U.S. Treasury millions in unlevied tariffs related to abuse of our textile import laws, fines levied but mitigated down to nominal amounts. and other abuses outside of textile imports. We should get more for our offshore mineral leases, federal range lands, and harvesting in Federal managed forests.  The government should charge heavy industry more for various licenses and permits, In short you expect the government to fully develop all sources of revenue and NOT just to keep raising the income tax on the shrinking middle class.

(9) Include in your letter to your representative a demand that naval budgets be studied and increased enough to signal China our intention to honor our defense commitments to Japan, the Philippines, and Australia. If it means repeal of portions of Gramm-Rudman so be it, the immediate threat is naval in character.

(10) Identify your self as a former party member who has re-registered independent and intends to vote for whoever pays attention to your agenda, not the with party elite's.  Require a detailed reply within ten days under penalty of loss of your next vote.

 OK, so much for what you can do to shake up the existing corps of mal-governing nincompoops. Now towards developing a new and more responsive corps of representatives and executive office holders.

 (1) First support and demand term limits.

(2)  Encourage new never ran for office candidates who are committed to the above course of action , especially younger retirees to run, contribute to their campaigns financially and with your volunteer labor.  All other things being equal generally avoid lawyers they have dominated every class of Congress that has led to this mess. Among the present Congress and Senate the NMA ( a non union maritime labor organization) folks report the "Doctors Caucus" appears to have the most pragmatic and public spirited members of either party. The "Doctor's Caucus" might contain the few members of the present dead in the water body worth retaining. The Caucus consists of medical doctors, dentists, one Ph.D in psychology and an RN. You might add to the list of preferred retirees educators, accountants, military retirees, in the present Congress honorable discharges are scarcer then hens teeth, and we have the poorest military polices in history. Lets get some veterans in there including retired career military.

(3) Avoid joining the Tea Party or any Democratic sub unit claiming to support party core values. Remember both parties suck you in with some common ground but the intent of the party elite is to reduce you to one form of peonage or another.  Instead form Pragmatist clubs to mutually support each other for the long haul. Be prepared to stay on this for at least five years the time it will take to completely change out the snake pit in Washington. 

(4) Write the President along the same lines as suggested for your representative he is a lame duck so don't expect much change. He may have some concern with the view of history on his presidency, let him know that if he doesn't lead the kind of real change represented by the above you won't be waiting on history to decide that you don't want him succeeded by a member of his own party.

(5) Demand that the vote for 18 year olds be eliminated except for those who actually are members of the armed services. Non military serving 18 year olds generally simply vote against the candidate that their parents favor, why should your dependent child have the right to cancel the effect of your ballot? This will make a small reduction in the number of voters who are chronically irresponsible and tend to vote swayed by illogical but trendy sounding slogans. It will place a premium on actual military service not some distant possible but improbable potential liability to such. If the kid is called to arms, then the kid can vote. If the kid volunteers then the kid can vote.  But leaving their dorm room to cancel the responsible vote is out.

 America is the most powerful of the English speaking nations at a time when freedom is threatened around the world. But America has rarely been weaker than now. The Navy is for the moment strong. The government is moribund and ill intended. The world awaits a miracle from the American people, the last hope against the gathering forces of global peonage.

UPDATE 1/10/2017 by Namazu: Bipeds it looks like with the election of Mr. Trump, if he can survive the relentless onslaught of the leftist media and democratic party supporting elites and party hacks and the traitors within the Republican party; that the swamp might actually be about to be drained. But if won't happen if you American bipeds simply relax. You must pay attention to what is going on the next four years, hold Trump's feet to the fire on his campaign promises and be prepared as a people to defend him against a never ending onslaught by the left. The Left is stinging but still diligently forging your chains. The Right is less hostile to pragmatism, but will turn on it when it gores their ox. If you find an anti pragmatic pro elitist Republican in either House of Congress cast him out at the next election and if you can't replace him with a pragmatic Republican, find a third party candidate. Those who forge the chains are still in the halls, don't abandon your new President if he makes it into office after he has taken the oath. The real fight is just starting. 

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