Saturday, February 2, 2013


Somali Pirate Kingpin 'Big Mouth' Retires

NAMAZU, former Japanese giant catfish demigod , now AAB Analyst and Commentator recently completed the first four parts of his series on the the naval threats to global peace and his recommended actions for the English speaking world. He noted that during the era of the Barbary Pirates, piracy had become virtually a state enterprise. He notes that Somalia if not cured of piracy soon could evolve into a virtual pirate state. He noted that the pirate business was so routine now in Somalia that he read of the first pirate retirement in our news service. We thought this a good time to reprint our lead and link to that story. As usual the big catfish has it right, pirate "admirals" can retire peacefully and rich, even today. 

One of Somalia's most notorious pirates, who terrorized vast areas of the Indian Ocean, generating multi-million dollar ransoms from the ships he seized, has announced his retirement.
Mohamed Abdi Hassan, aka 'Big Mouth', says he is quitting after spending eight years as a pirate leader.


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