Thursday, February 7, 2013

2/7/2013 Naval Interest



 Lest We Forget Why We Are Bound To The Defense of Japan
Official U.S. Navy Photo Japanese Surrender Ceremony
The surrender and the final peace treaty were not the same. This ceremony started the occupation of Japan. It ended five years later with the formal peace treaty where in we described Japan's boundaries, boundaries that now China wishes to contest. We bound ourselves back when America's word was gold to defend those boundaries. Japan's surrender was unconditional. They were never in a position to dictate terms. Note that China was present at the surrender. Only recently , after oil signs were detected near the islands does China make a claim, and then starts acting like they have been administering the southernmost islands for decades.Dragons speak with forked tongues. We found and linked our readers to this rare video about a year ago. We thought with all of the discussion of late about China's aggression towards Japan that our readers might enjoy it as part of the background of the discussions.

We recently received an E-mail with the hyper-link below attached. There seem to be many photos of the Japanese surrender ceremony at the close of World War II. But film footage with a sound track seems to be a bit rare these days. The hyperlink below includes not only film footage of the surrender ceremony but also some of the actual voices of the participants including some very rare recordings of General Douglas MacArthur's remarks. If you are a history buff, especially a naval history or battleship buff, click on the hyper-link below for a rare treat.

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