Friday, February 15, 2013




 Around the American Admiralty Books water cooler OG and Johnas make no bones about being admirers of the Indian Navy which they refer to as "the Tigers". I've mentioned them several times as I've been publishing my on going address to the English speaking bipeds of the world urging a strong and coordinated naval union. "The Tigers" have earned a position of leadership in such a union if it ever forms. They have built and continue to expand a power and competent naval force despite many temptations to devote the funds to other things. India lives next door to the owners of the Islamic nuclear bomb, and her waters are regularly eyed by the Dragon. India lives in a dangerous neighborhood but she is living free as the world's largest democracy and responsibly within the rule of international law. Pakistan and China may not appreciate it but India is a good neighbor. India deserves the loyalty and alliance of the English speaking democracies. Like Og and Johnas all the English speaking bipeds should be on their feet cheering each new Indian naval acquisition. Why? Because its one more piece of cold steel that the thug states will have to contend with if they mess with the Indian Ocean and we seriously doubt that  these weapons will ever be pointed at another democracy.

 All of the English speaking bipeds should be committed to their mutual defense. India will not only be a contributor if she accepts an invitation aboard but will be the single second largest contributor to combined strength. Consider that according to Jane's Defense Budgets by 2020 India's projected defense spending will exceed $65.4 billion. That level will be exceeded only by the United States, Russia, and China. In short India will be a first rate world power. There will be only two law abiding democratic powers in that group. The other two are Thug States. India will probably over take France in defense spending in 2016, the UK in 2018, and finally displace Japan for the number 4 spot in 2020. 

 Now is the time while India is sacrificing to build her forces in a dangerous neighborhood to back her up and lend a hand to make her forces as inter-operable with the most likely allies she has on Earth, the other English speaking democracies. Its time to not only acknowledge her growing command of the Indian Ocean but to celebrate it. In an English speaking naval union where leadership is serial based largely on proximity to and knowledge of a troublesome neighborhood, why should we hesitate to follow Indian leadership in the Indian Ocean?  

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