Sunday, February 10, 2013

2/10/2013 Namazu Addresses the English speaking people


Editor's Note: And it looks like trouble for us at the next contract negotiation

Namazu, giant Japanese catfish former demigod, and AAB maritime analyst

Greetings English speaking bipeds. First I'd like to apologize for taking so long to get my next installment in this series to you. As you know I spent the better part of a week outlining the various global threats that the English speaking navies are having to deal with and how with their reduced manpower these various problems make it impossible to muster the overwhelming force it would take to make Thug States like China behave and stop taking their neighbor's maritime territories. I then did a little inventory for you so that you could see what your collective regular naval strength looked like. You still have a serious lead on China but they aren't trying to suppress bad guys all over the world, they are concentrated on being the bad guy in their own neighborhood. The situation is not going to roll in your favor if everyone including the United States continues to cut naval expenditures, fleet, and personnel force sizes. I gave you a look at the U.S. Coast Guard as an example of a Coast Guard with real military utility. China's new Ocean Surveillance Service looks a lot like a collection of the U.S. Coast Guard's larger national security and armed law enforcement cutters. But China's "Coast Guard" seeme to have only one function, harassing shipping and invading neighbor's sea spaces in the South and East China Seas. IN the posting on the U.S. Coast Guard mentioned that many English speaking Coast Guards are not armed at all, but still should be considered in the total sea power picture.

 In upcoming posts I hope to show you some details of selected English speaking Coast Guards starting with one of the larger , so far unarmed examples, the Canadian Coast Guard. 
Unfortunately I am learning that bringing you these types of fact filled posts requires research and that requires time and manpower. Minions! I need minions! Dozens of library loving, computer astute, fast reading research hound minions! What kind of a demigod would have been caught without minions? I will definitely include minions of research assistants in my next contract. Meanwhile, I'm working on that Canadian Coast Guard description and will revert back to you soon. Have a great Sunday.


Editors note: While you're having that great Sunday could you possibly treat yourself to a book from Amazon? or click on some of our advertisements? If we are going to haveto supply the catfish with research assistants we are going to need more revenue.

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