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2/15/2012 News Flash:

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Barque:  ALEXANDER VON HUMBOLT II, Named for the Oceanographer
Photo by Hans Georg Schroder



Three Chinese government ships entered disputed waters on Friday, the Japanese coastguard said, as the two countries' soured relationship grew more complex following North Korea's nuclear test.

  • Published: 15/02/2013 at 11:44 AM

EDITOR'S NOTE: Japan is extremely upset over this latest incursion but is being urged by allies to go light on China right now because China's help is being sought to help convince North Korea to halt its nuclear armament program. Frankly this approach is a joke. China doesn't control North Korea, it uses North Korea they way some Mafia Don's use homicidal maniacs in their basic gangs .  They are often out of control but that has a purpose worth some of the embarrassment and tricky situations their actions sometimes engender, simply the presence of these maniacs in a gang lords army makes the army far more scary. Of course in the case of the Mafia boss if the out of control lunatic in the army gets too far out of control he gets whacked.  But sometimes it works the other way. Take the case of the Zatas take over of Texas Border Mexican Drug cartels. The Zatas  were originally officer and NCO deserters from Mexican Army special forces who sold their services to the drug lords as security and enforcers. Once in the gang they recruited others of their ilk, Army vets and deserters and police officers. When they reached critical mass they simply killed their bosses and took over. North Korea reached critical mass when it detonated its first nuclear test. China is still using North Korea as leverage to terrorize the World into ignoring its resource and territory grab in the East and South China Seas. However China is both unwilling and in fact unable to reign in the fellow but supposedly junior Thug State North Korea. 

 Why do these invasive naval intrusions continue into Japanese waters after China finally brought her legal case to the United Nations? Because China has no case. No regime remotely related to present day China has exercised sovereignty over the Diautu / Senkaku islands in the last 5,000 years. Japan has these islands as her southernmost possessions specifically described in international instruments and has exercised constant administration for at least the last 50 years, and as a matter of record for probably another 50 years beyond that. China keeps making the intrusions in order to build her false case before the UN that the Dragon was the sovereign an din fact exercises administration. China doesn't shrink from these encounters, the encounters are designed so that China can paint Japan as the invader. While Japan issues diplomatic complaint to China over the incidents, the Chinese gather up the CSSO's logs and bates stamp them as "evidence", of yet another "Japanese intrusion repelled". If the UN buys any of this we may as well pull out of the UN as just another anti U.S. anti freedom organization of Thug States , failed and failing states, and crazies loosely organized under the leading Thug Sates to run a protection racket. The United States, the EU,  Japan, et al pay the dues to keep the organization alive so that it can legitimize the thievery  of the leading Thug States, the Dragon and the Bear. It is time for the "Free World" to wake up, the old "Cold War Game" is still in play, just without the ideology, the pretense, and hypocrisy.   This is naked, unadulterated theft  and bullying, backed by the occasional mass murder as in China's assault on Vietnam in the 80s, the video of which opened our long running series on "HOW FAR WILL THE DRAGON SWIM." Australia has already received an indirect and unofficial threat of a nuclear strike from China as described in one of our earlier posts should they decide to honor their defensive commitments to the United States. Divide  
and conquer and the Dragon and the Bear take the spoils. Wake up World!


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