Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2/13/2013 Station Identification and Notice Board

Greeting from New Orleans where Mardi Grais has finally ended.

Namazu ,giant catfish former Japanese demigod, and AAB maritime analyst

Hi its me Namazu again, yesterday the only sober intelligent life form in the employ of American Admiralty Books. This morning  is Ash Wednesday New Orleans, Mardi Grais is over and all of the two leggers including the AAB crew are nursing hangovers the size of Texas. I'm transmitting this via hydrophone telefax from my usual hangout on the bottom of the sea near Japan. There is no response at the office and I doubt there will be before about noon central standard time. After that you might want to check the site for anything new. I did finally manage to complete my description of the Canadian Coast Guard as part of my argument for the establishment of a formally organized English speaking naval  union. It is posted here in the blog space, just scroll down. 

 Well, it will be spring soon and we should get the crew back to Annapolis which is a little more family orientated and they are usually better behaved. Meanwhile all sections of the blog seem to be up and operating. I'll be back on line soon with more information in support of my call for a formal English Speaking Naval Union.


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